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Innovation provides the foundation for new businesses, new jobs and productivity growth and is a key driver of economic growth.


Research is a powerful aid in modern business to build knowledge, understand reality, redesign trend and create success stories.


Strategy is the vital part in setting company’s vision to address the future product, market, human resource, technology the focus should be.

Qatar has been under the spotlight ever since the nation secured the rights to host 2022 FIFA World Cup. The country has experienced a huge influx of foreign investments and workforce in recent past, a tread likely to continue for coming years. Today, Qatar is a land of business opportunities for companies of all sizes because of its billions of dollar worth of national upgrading programmes.
Though Qatar is a land of opportunities, it is important to understand various local norms to establish a successful business. Over the years, Wrightmen have done extensive research and facilitated in bridging the cultural barriers for ‘Doing Business in Qatar’. It believe, knowing the local culture is most important step before deciding to do business in any overseas market. Wrightmen have successfully facilitated business activities for companies of all sizes and scope. It believes that business support services is both a science and an art.
Wrightmen supports its clients in three core areas: Innovation, Research and Strategy.
If you are an ambitious company or an aspirant entrepreneur with unique abilities, Wrightmen can assist you to ‘Excel’ in your vision.

“Our inspirations are driven by SPARE; Self Knowledge, Passion, Action, Realization and Evolution.”

The core values


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Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity

Our Clients

Wrightmen International started in 2008 as a facilitator to local and foreign companies for government related services. Over these years, Wrighmen became a recognised brand among the Qatari business community because of its problems solving ability. The growing business needs, helped it to incorporate more value added services.

Today, they offer a full suite of professional business advisory services that are required by the business community in Qatar.

We have worked with companies from almost all major industries:

Offshore & Marine
Public Sector
Energy Resources
Transportation & Logistics
Consumer Goods
Communications & Media

If you are an ambitious and adventurous client seeking as external support for your specific business needs, to book a free consultation today please write to excel@wrightmenintl.com.

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