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About Wrightmen International

Wrightmen International is a management consulting firm with business interest in Middle East and South Asia (MESA) established in 2008. They are a knowledge based company, providing professional assistance to business leaders to achieve Excellence. Wrightmen maintain partnership with clients as they are committed for long-term relationship by bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and excellence.

Though Qatar is a promising market, it is also culturally sensitive. Their strength based support services has helped to build trust, confidence and continuity among its stakeholders. Since the inception, they have assisted hundreds of companies to establish and operate business in Qatar.

Being a consultant, a coach or a facilitator Wrightmen takes part in the everyday life of their clients. Their philosophy is simple, ‘Work together and develop together’. The business was set up to offer practical solutions to Business leaders to address the fast changing business environment.

Their consultants are former business leaders with passion for excellence. Their practical experience combined with industry forethought, global best practices, and deep problem solving acumen gives them the ability to bring in the desired change for our client.

Wrightmen believes in an open and timely communication with clients is one of the key to their success. They offer three core services: Innovation, Research and Strategy.

“Our inspirations are driven by SPARE; Self Knowledge, Passion, Action, Realization and Evolution.”


To be the most preferred and reliable partner for Excellence.


To build ‘companies of excellence’ through developing people, process and policies.

The core values:

  1. Excellence: Committed to accomplish the best results
  2. Trust: Act sincerely and truthfully
  3. Service: Responding to clients needs effectively and efficiently
  4. Teamwork: Complement each other to accomplish milestones
  5. Creative: Resolving issue proactively